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Creating AMOV

The notebook

On July 12th 2013 Kasper Eis bought a black notebook in Munich Airport. It had been another stressful day at work – and he felt that there was a need for change. After his wife was struck by cancer in late 2012, he had started revising his professional life. His conclusion was clear: He was spending too much time on chasing ‘success’ – and too little time on people and projects that mattered to him. So, on that flight back from Munich, he started writing some of his guiding principles for AMOV. He wanted to combine doing good with doing business.

Creating the concept

Together with innovation expert, Morten Dall ( and former Kaospilot student, Leonie Meyer, Kasper Eis wanted to create an apparel brand that is as sustainable and responsible as possible. We're not perfect yet - and we probably never will be. But, there has been put a lot of effort into creating a brand and a concept that gives us a strong starting point - and an even stronger ambition.
Over time we need to develop - and we promise to keep you updated on the journey.


The brand name

The brand name was inspired by the Albert Einstein quote: "Try not to become a man of success, but rather A Man Of Value". After having chased success for many years, the founder got inspired to find more meaning in work life - and a better balance between work and family life.
AMOV is aiming to become a profitable company. At the same time, we aim to minimise our negative impact and create as much positive impact as possible. Our tag line: "The Quest for Balance" describes how we aim to find balance in doing business while minimising harm.