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AMOV Apparel Aps was founded by Kasper Hilligsøe Eis in 2015. The AMOV concept has been developed in close cooperation with innovation expert Morten Dall ( and former Kaospilot student Leonie Meyer. They have both contributed immensely to the final concept.

We formulated our original dream in this way:
"We Dream of a society where a kind-hearted sense of responsibility is the natural foundation for action where success is measured in human values - not only profit, shareholder value and GDP".

And to help the AMOV's dreams come true we have Winnie Fristrup who is working hard to develop more styles to be cherished by our customers as well as spread our message of more responsibility, sustainability and giving back.

Kasper Eis

Founder and Head of Board


Christina Lindgaard Clausen



About AMOV  

AMOV Apparel was founded in 2015. AMOV aims to become a pioneer of change in the fashion industry. AMOV combines organic, responsible and sustainable materials, a new recycling system and ambitious 'giving back' principles in a unique concept.

AMOV   ·  Gravene 10  ·   8800 Viborg   ·   Denmark   ·  ·  +45 29 82 99 09  ·  CVR: DK37132187
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